Giving back is everything. The big, bad universe gave me so much. This is how I can give back...I'm very proud of this one.

My passion for performance began on stage.  It's all about storytelling and is always a safe place to play. 


This is the opportunity to use all my talents, abilities & experience to bring something to life. 

I have been a professional performer and producer for over a decade. I find joy in storytelling and bringing to light the truths of being human, but know when it's time to kick some a**... I think laughter cures all and art is in everything. 

the network


​visual arts


​​THE girl

if you want it & YOU WORK HARD, 

you can ACHIEVE anything.

Acting for film is wonderfully challenging. It's so intimate and truthful. I enjoy being present moment to moment. 

​THE PRojects

Excited to return to Las Vegas after a 2 month run of PROOF at Central Square Theater! I will be performing in Mondays Dark on Feb 26th. 

​performer. producer. recovering perfectionist.

Cheryl Daro

There is so much more to explore.​​ be a part of my journey.